The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is an excellent vehicle with standard features for those who want a premium ambulance with a large interior volume and complete storage space.

Mercedes Ambulance also has a main stretcher, patient transport stretcher, and necessary equipment. All systems, components inside the ambulance work in sync with each other at all times. The body of the Mercedes Ambulance is in one piece. It has a minimum volume. After manufacturing, tests such as the vibration of the ambulance are performed.

Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance complies with TS EN 1789+A2  standards and is resistant to 10G impact. Options such as patient transport, Emergency assistance, and Intensive Care are available for our ambulance. We cover our ambulances with high-quality materials and we do not lack equipped medical supplies.

The maximum carrying capacity of a Mercedes Ambulance is 1000 kilograms. The ambulance has 1 driver and 2 companion seats in the driver’s cab. There are 2 staff and 1 patient seat in the patient cabin. There are a total of 6 seats inside the Mercedes Ambulance.

Mercedes-Benz Ambulance is a special car for transporting patients in need of intensive care. A tool of this class provides serious patients with a high level of comfort, reliability, and confidence to work in full compliance with all international standards as soon as possible.

The engine of the Mercedes Ambulance has a minimum engine power of 4 cylinders and 150 hp.  It features a Euro 5 engine and has superior diesel technology. The Mercedes Ambulance had two types of gearbox, manual 5+1 or automatic 6+1. Our Mercedes-Benz Ambulance has an axle system in the vehicle for the comfortable and safe transportation of the patient while on the move.

At the back of our, Mercedes Ambulancethere is a stainless steel ambulance rear ramp so that the stretcher can be easily placed on the inside. There is a coating on the rear bumper that prevents slipping.

Mercedes Ambulance 2021

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