Our AmbulanceMed Mobile X-Ray truck design is aimed at providing solutions to its users in the field of occupational health and safety. Our Mobile X-Ray truck is in demand in North African countries, Middle East countries, and Far East countries.

It is built on trucks with a carrying capacity of 7 to 10 tons for the Mobile X-Ray truck. A chassis made of polyurethane material is made on the chassis truck.

The interior design of the chassis can be manufactured in desired features according to user demands. The interior design of our Mobile X-Ray truck in the pictures is designed according to the wishes of the Ukrainian users.

There are 3 sections in this design; X-Ray room, waiting and recording area, staff room.

X-Ray Room: Inside, there is also one X-ray device, electrical installation for X-ray device and X-ray generator, interior lighting, and lead coating to prevent radiation from emitting as well.

Waiting and Registration Part. There is one table, waiting for chairs, 220 Volt socket outlets in the desired amount, interior lighting, and electric control panel in order to provide controls of patients registered in this area.

Staffroom: There are armchairs for the rest of the staff, a table, kitchen counter, sink (hot and cold-water parts) refrigerator, overhead cabinets. There are also sufficient 220 Volt power outlets and interior lighting in the room.

The walls and ceiling of the rooms inside the Mobil X-Ray truck are ABS coated. Epoxy was applied to the 11 mm sea plywood on the floor.

In order to meet the electricity, need without interruption, the electricity draw inside was calculated and the generator was placed in the area at the bottom of the vehicle.

In addition, there is a split air conditioner placed in the waiting area by calculating the area again. In a mobile X-ray truck, external generators and X-ray generators are separated from each other.

An X-Ray generator is placed in the vehicle. The necessary reinforcement is provided to the mobile X-ray truck from external UPS Inside the vehicle when external electricity or the current from the generator is insufficient.

As AmbulanceMed, applications such as writing, visual covering, and printing of strips are also made on the exterior surface of each vehicle we design and manufacture.

Unidad Móvil De Rayos X Mobile X-Ray Truck

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