Field Hospital Tent

The field hospital tent consists of three components:

-Decontamination tent

-Decontamination shower

-CBRN tent

> A field hospital tent is designed and manufactured on the purpose of carrying out operations and providing general health solutions in compelling lands and weather conditions.

> It is possible to evaluate the field tent as a subsidiary element in the projects of the field hospital. Due to the fact that providing facilities in the use of medical operations, having enough operation space, and being mounted on the field easily, the field hospital tent preferred in the field hospital projects.

> The field hospital tent, swelling with air, grants support for field hospitals in terms of emergency service and medical care.

> The installation of the tent system is arranged max within 10 minutes. Metal supporting elements weren’t used inside of the field tent.

AmbulanceMed field hospital tents accomplished in order to provide temporary clinical services to armies and patients who need medical care. Moreover, it is designed for the purpose of allowing health employees to make medical and surgical interventions to the armies in the field as soon as possible.

Uniquely composed tents can be fabricated particularly for African nations with a specific air-conditioning system and subsumed HEPA filter.

Hospital Tent Air-Conditioning System

The air-conditioning system is able to adjust the heat inside of the tent about +55/-20 degrees. Also, the field tent can be warmed swiftly by a heater operating with nitrogen. The field hospital tent manufactured by considering geographical conditions of the determined region in order to made use of the field tent effectively by the army and medical staff. Also, a field hospital tent can be integrated including a decontamination tent and decontamination shower.

The field hospital tent manufactured as having the CBRN system if demanded. CBRN designed as being protective against the adverse effects resulting from a biological, chemical, radioactive, and nuclear strike. A lining airlock system used for CBRN tent. The tent provides an environment without toxic elements owing to having negative pressure, which allows the employee to intervene in a safe working environment without wearing protective uniforms. In fact, the risk of being contaminated, resulting from tiredness and stress due to operating with CBRN equipment, prevented under the favor of negative overpressure.

The system consists of three main topics that are an inflatable tent, a decontamination tent, CBRN tent.

Content of the swelling field hospital tent

> Designed on the verge of using in the compelling climates and conditions. The floor and windows are insulated with a covering that affords heat insulation.

> It is placed that conduits on the external windows and doors in order to block water even under the heavy rain from entering the tent.

> The tent constituted from a fabric with a UV filter that is fire-proof.

> What applied for electric and cable connections used in the tent is special nodes.

> There are specific connectors settled on each corner of the tent in order to immobilize it to the ground.

> It is possible to carry effortlessly the field tent with its own bag.

> After the system being immobilized to the ground, it can be attached to a trailer or another tent if desired.

> The system includes repair and maintenance set.

> A special patch set placed in the tent in case of there is a perforation or laceration on the external surface of the tent.

> A heater, cooler, HEPA filters, air-conditioner, hot and cold water, and sound system can be added as being optional toward the tent.

> Hanging light system with LEDs used for internal lighting. There is a telescopic type lighting system on the external side of the tent.

> The field hospital tent has an implicit electric system. It takes the electricity demanding to operate from a generator having 20kva or mains. Also, solar panels can be used as being optional. The energy gained from panels stored in the batteries located in the technical room. The energy collected here used in external and internal lighting.

> There are storage spaces in the technical room for clean and dirty water. Two water tanks having about 100 liters capacity for each one placed in here. Also, an air pressure tank set in the technical room either in order to make water to scatter equally.

> A furniture system having a modular collapsable feature and antibacterial can be added as being optional into the tent.

Medical supplies provided by mobile field tent

> After setting up the field hospital tent being done, it can be created as including 1 surgeon room and a room with 4 beds.

> A sterilization room, operating room, and a gas storage area where oxygens and nitrogens stored placed in the mobile surgeon room.

> There is a storage system in the operating room manufactured from stainless material in order to provide a proper area for storing during the operation.

> An Uv lamp of sterilization placed in the operating room.

> It is possible to compose the patient room as being an intensive care room if requested.

> A monitor, an oxygen system, and a life support unit placed in the intensive care room.

Medical and technical equipment placed in the mobile field tent:

wastewater pump, mixer, water heater, backpack decontamination, conveyor, spineboard

Led lighting, Uv sterilizer, floor grid, compressor, water tank, foldable patient bed, camped, stretcher

generator, light tower, heating system, emergency bag, basic medical bag, transport case

Decontamination tent

> It can be added to the field hospital tent system if requested.

> the decontamination tent consists of two main components: the main decontamination tent and decontamination shower.

> the tent provides a solution to be clarified from dangerous elements.

> It is consists of two engrossing lines.

> It is placed that water distribution and shower units.

> Making configuration of the tent takes about 10 minutes. What the only movement should be done in order to set up the tent is blow it up.

> There are specific parts for undressing, taking shower, and disinfection that separated from each other by curtains.

> decontamination part consists of three independent components that are waterproof canvas, 4 nozzles shower system, and floor grid.

> Decontamination tent made available for use via an independent compressor.

> There are closed containers for dirty water and barrels for dirty clothes placed in the decontamination shower.

> A pump having an internal absorption system for recruitment for water, a pump for discharging the water, blower with electric, and a diesel heater located in it.

Hospital Tent

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