Mobile X-Ray Clinics

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Mobile X-Ray Clinics

Mobile X-Ray Clinics are specially manufactured because of the radiation that x-ray devices give to the environment so that internal coatings and exterior coatings are completely following their standards and we do not harm the environment and people by carefully placing materials. The construction of x-ray clinics is divided into two trucks and mobile x-ray devices for the vehicle are mostly in demand in North Africa, the Middle East, and the far east.

We prefer trucks with a carrying capacity of 8 to 10 tons for mobile trucks from X-ray clinics. The interior design can be designed according to the customer’s specific request. Both X-ray clinics and mobile trucks usually have three sections, which are divided into three sections: X-ray room, waiting room, and recording area, staff room. In X-ray clinics, an X-ray machine and an X-ray generator are located in the interior of the X-ray room, electrical installation interior lighting is the rail spot. The lead coating is used to prevent the spread of radiation in X-ray clinics. In the mobile X-ray clinic, the necessary tests and calculations were carried out for the electricity needs to work continuously and the generator was placed in the warehouses at the bottom of the vehicle. X-ray clinics also have clean water and dirty water storage areas at the bottom of the vehicle. X-ray clinics have a special ventilation and air conditioning system and all cold and hot climates also adapt to the vehicle.

Mobile X-Ray Clinics

Container X-ray clinics have become X-ray boxes completely covered with sandwich panels. These x-ray clinics are also made with silicone material that provides sound and thermal insulation. The materials found and used in the vehicle are fire-resistant. The vehicle has two doors. In the X-ray Clinic, the X-ray machine was placed in the room. The X-ray room of this mobile x-ray clinic is surrounded by anti-radiation agents. There is in-car ventilation air conditioning and outside the X-ray room, there is a red lamp that lights up when the X-ray machine is working. The mobile x-ray clinic vehicle has a storage tank for clean water and dirty water separately.  The technical room also has a quiet, small 10-15  Kva generator with gasoline or can be installed outside.

      Mobile x-ray clinics mobile and trucks are designed following the European Union’s regulation on radiation safety requirements in the medical field.


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