Toyota Hiace Ambulance Gasoline 2022                                      

تويوتا هايس سيارة الإسعاف البنزين

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Gasoline 2022; The Toyota Hiace is a suitable vehicle for ambulance conversion. Van vehicle type is quite suitable for this conversion. Ambulance conversion is done by our company in our factory. We operate the ambulance transformation process and when it’s completed, we present it to our customers. During the conversion process; we pay attention to every detail and we also pay attention to the standards of international health organizations. The other fact is that the ambulance needs to be suitable for its end user country standards. Toyota Hiace ambulance is in a position to meet the necessary criteria for almost all countries in the world. Toyota; continues to develop with the developing technology and make its vehicles more useful year by year. Toyota Hiace 2022 includes many different features and updates compared to previous years.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Gasoline 2022 / Technical Specifications

Toyota Hiace has been designed in a very useful way in terms of its dimensions and thus provides a practical environment for the staff and the patient in these emergency situations where the time concept is very important. Thus, it helps to complete the emergency management in the most efficient way. Its dimensions are as length, width and height relatively; 5915-1950-2280 (mm) and Wheel base 3860 (mm). Another important issue is the size of the cargo space. Cargo space is very important for convenient and easily accessible medical equipment placement. 9.3 cubic meters of cargo space offered by the Toyota Hiace; It is quite a sufficient volume for medical equipment to be placed in an ambulance.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Gasoline 2022; The engine of the vehicle is 6 cylinders. There is a 3.6 L gasoline fuel version. Even the diesel engines are the most preferred, we also provide gasoline engine of Toyota Hiace. We recommend the Toyota Hiace Gasoline 2022 model to our customers who prefer gasoline vehicles. Except the fuel preference, you can choose the vehicle manually or automatically. In addition to the Cruise Control system, it also has a steering wheel control system. The vehicle is 6-speed transmission and preferably manual or automatic. Different fuel types, diesel and gasoline, depend on customer request. Durability and usefulness of the vehicle are extremely essential in ambulance conversion. As a company, we combine Toyota Hiace Ambulance with equipment that will meet your needs and export it worldwide. For more detailed information support about ambulances, you can contact us through communication information.