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Mobile Dental Clinic

We have allocated 2 Mobile Dental Clinic units to the Middle East. These mobile dental units are housed in a 20ft container. This 20ft medical container is designed and manufactured to perform general oral health care, such as tooth extraction, tooth scaling, and root planning, endodontic root canal treatment, and preventive measures for gum disease. This type of mobile dental unit can also be applied for 40ft containers, TIR or smaller panel van vehicles.

The Mobile Dental unit consists of a room with a professional dentist seat and workbench. Mobile dental units are full of essential supplies and dental equipment.

Since our mobile dental unit is equipped with high-quality tools such as a multifunctional syringe, ultrasonic scaler, illuminated hand tools, air compressor, turbine hose, all necessary treatments, and surgeries can be done by the dentist. In addition, there is a table sterilizer in our mobile dental unit.

There is no big device taking up space in the dental equipment room, so there is more space in the container. There is a water spraying system that can be controlled for left or right-handed dentistry. There is no risk of legionella. Maintenance and repair costs are low.

Mobile Dental Clinic Usage and Experience

This type of mobile dental unit is preferred and used worldwide.
In African countries such as Congo, Ghana, Tanzania, and Suriname, it is common to use this type of single-room or larger multi-room. Mobile Dental units are also widely used in Middle East countries with very good results.

AmbulanceMed Dental Units consist of high quality, low maintenance mobile units. They can be used easily by high-level users; It consists of superior quality, robust and economical mobile units.

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