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Mobile Field Hospital Tent

Mobile Field Hospital Tent

Mobile Field Hospital Tent ; As AmbulanceMed, it offers Mobile Sahra Hospital Tent as a solution to its users at the points where the installation system and financial expenses of the Mobile Hospital container projects are high. Mobile Field Hospital tent can be installed in any number of partitions and units according to user requests. Delivery room, operating room, examination room, waiting room etc. many units are added and offered for use. Mobile hospital tents provide an antibacterial environment and are easy to clean thanks to the medical PVC fabric used. Mobile hospital tents can be manufactured as aluminum profile supported or as an inflatable tent system according to a user request. The areas of the tents can be designed and manufactured in the desired area sizes from 10 m2 to 100 m2.

Mobile Field Hospital Tents are much easier and more economical in terms of transportation and installation. Tent material and all the additional accessories required, medical equipment can be placed in a wheeled trailer to easily reach the area where the installation can be made.

If Mobile Field Hospital Tents are desired, inter-unit transportation can be made between all units by providing a connection between each unit in isolation from the external environment.

Electrical and lighting installations in medical field hospital tents can be put in applications such as medical gas system.

In addition, depending on the user request, the energy needs of mobile field hospitals can be provided with the generator system. In addition to this, systems such as hot and cold water facilities such as sinks and toilets can be installed.

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